"I saw in the film what reading the paper cannot communicate. It feels more personal."

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Highlights 2013

Watch video highlights from panel discussions from the 2013 edition of the Film Festival including Ahmed Damen director of the Red Stone, and Keith Walsh, Apples of the Golan.

Speakers, 2013

Find out more about the directors and writers who joined us in 2013 including: Dervla Murphy, Annemarie Jacir, Ahmed Damen.

About Us

The aim of our programme is to focus on the plurality of the Palestinian experience as illustrated through film and other art forms. We hope to provide a platform for Palestinian cinema, art and culture in the South West, whilst featuring works from international directors and artists…

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Omar Screening @ Bath Film Festival

This Oscar-nominated Palestinian film captures the very essence of the conflict that has festered and grown over the last 65 years. Omar is a young Palestinian who is part of the fight against what he and his countrymen regard as the illegal occupation of their land. An Israeli soldier is killed and Omar is captured.

Cinema Palestine

In this post Tim Schwab discusses his inspiration for the making the film ‘Cinema Palestine’ and touches on some of the deeper transnational themes that he explores in his documentary.

War Matador

In January 2009, during the war in Gaza, two courageous Israeli directors grabbed their cameras to shoot material along the common border. They film everyone, in every situation, with the same distance and the same closeness, the same empathy…

Support our Crowdfunding Campaign

This year we are raising funds to work with with Award-winning Palestinian director...

Our Souls are Palestinian

Screening at Encounters Short Film Festival http://encounters-festival.org.uk Our Souls...

Open Bethlehem (Exclusive)

Film director Leila Sansour returns to Bethlehem to make a film about her home town, soon to be encircled by a wall. She left the city as a teenager thinking that Bethlehem was too small and provincial. She never wanted to return but this time she is making an exception.

Bristol Palestine Film Festival, 2014

Bristol Palestine Film Festival, 2014 The dates, programme and details of Bristol...

Submissions 2014

Our annual festival takes place in December 2014. If you are interested in submitting your film to the festival we would like to hear from you.

Discover Arab Cinema

Inspiring contemporary and classic films from the Arab region The BFI...


Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now) returns with this action-packed Oscar®-nominated love...

Tickets on Sale for Bristol Palestine Film Festival, 2013

Tickets are now on sale and all events are confirmed. Running from 29 November to 15...

Information is Beautiful Awards

In 2012, we exhibited a series of images from Visualising Palestine (VP).  We are...

2013 Festival Pictures

Some pictures to whet your appetite for the forthcoming 2013 Bristol Palestine Film...

Resistance Recipes

Dasa Raimanova, film director (Resistance Recipes) will be preparing mouth-watering recipes inspired by what she learned in Palestine. Dasa will demonstrate how to cook a Palestinian traditional recipe in front of the audience and reveal some of the secrets she picked up during her stay in Palestine…

Al Nakba

Al Nakba (2008) [100 mins - Aljazeera Network] A film by Rawan Damen Al Nakba is a term...