Cinema Jenin: The story of a Dream

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Date: Sunday 15th December, 2013
Time: 8:00 pm
Venue: The Cube, BS2 8JD

Cinema Jenin: The story of a Dream (2011)

[95min – Boomtown Media, Cinephil and Filmperspektive] A film by Marcus Vetter

Cinema Jenin is an enlightening documentary account of a tightrope evasion of political, cultural and economic obstacles to resurrect a decrepit Palestinian cinema. The former Jenin West Bank cultural centre isn’t just a symbol of cinema, but the arts of a nation that has been without the privilege for over twenty years. Prior to the project there had been no functioning cinema in Jenin since 1987, following First Intifada closure. A German journalist and film maker fronts a passionate team that collectively envisage its return to former glory. Navigating the divisive politically charged interests of a nation still in turmoil with its neighbour, Marcus’s dream is a dangerous but endearing one. This illuminating study of an important international aid project is powerful viewing, a tribute to the inspiring and energising magic of art and culture.

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